Special Needs Life Planning


Special Needs Life Planning is the heart of what Solutions for Special Needs Families is all about.

We work with families to create their life plan, taking into account the entire family scenario, with a special focus on your individual with special needs. We work closely with a special needs financial advisor to create a financially sound long-term plan.

What Goes into Your Plan

  • We identify your family’s goals as they relate to your individual with special needs
  • We assess your family’s resources and any government benefits available, and any legal considerations
  • We identify the private and public resources available to you for protecting the individual with special needs–both now and when your family can no longer provide for them
  • Finally, we outline the financial, legal and other steps necessary for implementing the plan and securing  peace of mind for your family’s future

Implementing Your Plan

First we identify and prioritize your goals, your child’s goals, interests and level of support, taking into consideration the steps to maximize and protect personal and public resources.  Then we develop recommendations for achieving the family’s goals for retirement, disability and estate planning. Throughout this process we start by thinking about what your dependent’s needs will be in the future – and develop your financial strategy based on those projections. 

One of the most important parts of the Special Needs Life Plan is to calculate the approximate supplemental costs for the life of the individual with special needs today and when the main caregivers are gone. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • residential and lifetime planning with a focus on safety, the family’s goals for additional resources both private and public,
  • determining your annual or monthly savings available towards your goals
  • calculating the costs of the program, services, and lifestyle needs
  • assisting with obtaining legal documents that are inline with your goals
  • identifying planning strategies to fill the gaps
  • implementing a properly coordinated plan of action

    When we have developed your proposed plan, we will present it to you in a second meeting.   The family is encouraged to consult with their own financial wealth adviser, a special needs attorney, and/or a tax accountant with regard to implementing this plan or we can connect you with individuals we work with.

    Special Needs Life Planning requires periodic reviews and monitoring. We suggest meeting at least twice a year to stay abreast with any changes with the family or the individual with special needs, and to continue to educate families about all changes pertaining to state and federal resources.

Please contact us with any questions you might have.