Feds Clarify What Qualifies as Community Based

by Courtney Perkes | April 1, 2019

Federal officials have issued long-awaited guidance to help states determine what living arrangements for people with disabilities are considered community-based rather than institutional.

The new guidelines from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services clarify a 2014 rule outlining criteria for programs provided through Medicaid home- and community-based services waivers.

The rule calls for home- and community-based settings to provide full access to the community as well as offer privacy, foster independence and allow people with disabilities to make their own choices about services and providers. The criteria apply to homes, day and job-training programs and other non-residential offerings provided through waivers.

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Together for Choice

Together for Choice is a 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID No: 82-2128631) with a mission to unite to protect and advance the rights of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) to live, work and thrive in a community or setting of their choice.  

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (‘I/DD’) – like every other member of society – deserve a full array of options in their residential, vocational and recreational choices. Their diversity and individual needs must be respected, honored and celebrated with the offering of a broad array of quality residential, vocational and recreational choices – expanded choices that will enrich each of their lives. 

We are joining together – representatives of organizations that serve individuals with I/DD, family members and loved ones – in recognition of the work that needs to be done to advance these individuals’ rights and expand their choices.

We are spurred by the increasingly complex array of federal Medicaid and state agency rules that govern these critically important and personal housing and employment choices.

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