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About Barbara

Barbara is a National Social Security Advisor which brings a broad base of experience in planning for and meeting the needs of adults with intellectual disabilities and their families.  Having worked for many years as a legal assistance for law firms specializing in estate planning and probate, Barbara applies extensive knowledge of both legal and medical considerations required in the process of special needs long-term planning. Prior to starting Solutions for Special Needs Families, Barbara was the Director of Admissions, at Marbridge Foundation in Austin for eight years.  She traveled across Texas and the United States to visit other programs and learn of the people they could serve.

At Solutions for Special Needs Families, we listen to families concerns for their loved ones current and future needs, discuss the family’s immediate needs and the long-term goals.  Solutions will then determine how we can assist the family. Some families need help by filing an SSI application, appealing a denial of SSI benefits, educating client on how to receive the maximum SSI benefit, and what happens if their disabled adult child is working and ways to keep from losing benefits.  If the family has needs outside of our scope of work, we are strategic partners with many professions throughout the state.