What are people saying about Barbara,

 Barbara, I want you to know that you made a strong impression on the families tonight.  I want to thank you for driving here, preparing a great topic and sharing your amazing “ness” with Leander ISD.  I am one of your biggest fans.  Saying thank you needs to be followed with:  you educated them, you inspired them, you helped them sort things out in their heads and you showed them that there are choices and options.  One of the moms said that all of this transition conversation has made her step it up at home.  She loved this topic and hugged me.  Bless you and may God surround you with many things that show you that you are aiming in the right direction.  Let me know how I can help you (ever)!  You are a woman making a ton of difference everywhere you.

Denise G, Transition Specialist, Leander ISD


Barbara Bush has been such a helpful resource for us since the first day we met as a new family to Marbridge.  As our son with developmental disabilities has transitioned into adulthood and as my husband and are trying to plan for his future, it has been challenging to know how to utilize the resources that are available through the state and still foster his desire for independence.  We are also concerned about planning for his support once we are no longer able to supplement for his financial needs. Barbara’s understanding of the resources that are available to our family and the methods for obtaining this support are invaluable.  We are very grateful to Barbara for steering us in the right direction.  Her obvious passion for individuals with special needs combined with her wisdom and expertise are invaluable.

Julee Renfroe, RN, Executive Director, East Texas Autism Network